Recently a couple of my clients were victims of a Microsoft virus scam. I wanted to briefly mention a couple of flags to look out for if someone contact you from Microsoft.

  • Microsoft will never contact you out of the blue.
  • If you are contacted and the person identify them self as an employee of Microsoft.
  • If you are advised this need to be taken care immediately.
  • If they want to connect and intall a tool on your computer to show you the problem.
  • They will contact your IT person on your behalf.

Microsoft does not call people for viruses out of the blue. If you initiate a service call with Microsoft they will call and continue to resolve your computer problem if not resolved on the first attempt. If contacted by someone stating this problem need to be resolved immediately this should be a flag. These scammers are playing the numbers game and the faster they can get done the quicker they can move on to the next victim. Asking to resolve this quickly can also screen out people who might figure this is a scam.

Never let someone you don’t know connect to your computer and install software. Before they can connect they will ask you to install a tool that will let you share your computer with them. Some of these scammers create their own website with tools specifically to connect to your computer. This is also a way for them to install malicious or capture software on your computer. If you think your antivirus should protect you it is, from unsolicited installs. When you Run or Install software your anti virus allow the software to be installed. When software is being installed from a backdoor and you get that surprising warning that malicious software was blocked it’s working as designed.

If you slip and let one of these scammers through and install software on your computer contact your computer guy. I personally have one solution to resolve this 100%, a factory restore once any software is installed by a scammer

I’m a firm believer once your computer has been compromised like this the only remedy is a complete factory restore. It’s not worth taking a chance not knowing if there is something lurking and waiting to capture your banking user name and password. No removal tool is as effective as a factory restore.

I’ve had to perform a Factory Restore on both of my clients who were scammed with this Microsoft virus scam. Keep one thing in mind, Microsoft will NEVER call you out the blue.