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Website refresh

If you’ve got a website that has great content you don’t have to spend a fortune to bring your website up to date. We can take the current content along with some fresh content put it in a new responsive theme and you’ve got an entirely new look. We think a refresh is a great option when you have great content to keep your cost down. This is not a shortcut to an upgrade but a great new way to get the social media, newsletter subscription and a blog to engage with your clients added to your website.

Responsive Themes

Since most computer users today are using mobile devices it just make since to have a website that looks great on any device it’s viewed on. Responsive just means the website will adapt to the device it’s viewed on. If you’ve ever looked anything up on your mobile device and visited a website that was not mobile friendly I bet you went to the next website. This is why a website refresh is so important and don’t think it does not matter. Check out this article “How Important Is Responsive Design?” in the  Huffington Post


Do I need a Refresh?

Does your website look great on mobile devices? Do you have links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn social media? Are you keeping your customer and clients up to date via a Blog or Newsletter? If you answered NO to any, Refresh

Does it take long to refresh?

The time it takes to refresh your website can be considerably less than starting from scratch. Typically a refresh can be done in just a couple of days since most of the data is available on the current website. Most delays are waiting for new material to add to the refreshed website.

How much does a refresh cost?

The cost of refreshing your website will vary depending on a number of factors. After discussing the new changes we thoroughly go through each page of your website for broken links etc.. Once completed we are able to give you an accurate cost to refresh your website.

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